What makes a great developer? most of our students never built an app before starting our iOS bootcamp, but they rock out their approach and perspective.
Application tip: Rock these three qualities…


Love for This Thing Called Coding

You don’t need experience as a professional developer. However, you should already know coding is your new love because you've been trying it on your own with books or online tools, even if you've hit a wall. You've also talked with some developers, maybe even shadowed one for a couple hours to see what their day is like. It's not for everyone, so be sure it is right for you. 

Determination and Dedication

Okay, you're committed to making a career as a software developer and you're ready to do whatever it takes. Learning on your own isn’t fast enough, and it only gives you a narrow part of the skills you need to be successful. Sounds like the iOS bootcamp is in your future. That's bootcamp, not spa day. You're prepared to work day and night and to struggle mightily. The rewards are amazing.

Communication and Collaboration

Despite what many think, coding is not a solo venture. The code you write is a fraction of what goes into the career of a successful software developer; communication and collaboration are the majority of what you will be doing. That's why we code in pairs and on teams at Mobile Makers, because that's what you'll do on the job. You should enjoy working with others and solving problems in teams.