Here are a couple easy ways to make and share a basic video, using free Mac-friendly tools.

iPhone or iPad running iOS 7

  • Open the iPhone/iPad's Camera app.
  • Slide the selector to Video.
  • If you’re recording yourself, tap the camera icon to reverse the camera so you can see what you’re recording.
  • Holding the camera horizontally, press the red button to start recording, and press it again to stop recording.
  • You can trim off extraneous footage at the start and end of your video following these simple instructions.

Mac OS X (using your built-in iMac or Apple laptop camera, or a USB camera)

  • Open QuickTime Player (included with OS X in the Applications folder).
  • Choose File > New Movie Recording.
  • Click the red button to start recording, and press it again to stop recording.
  • You can trim off extraneous footage at the start and end of your video by selecting Edit > Trim, then sliding the left (start) and right (end) yellow tabs to cut out extraneous footage, then click Trim.
  • If you recorded your How To video separately, open the About Me segment then choose Edit > Add Clip To End and select the How To video.
  • Save the file.
  • Choose File > Export and select the iPhone/iPad setting. This will create a .m4a file that is much smaller than the original .mov file. You may choose higher quality settings if you wish.

Recording Tips

  • Ask a friend to operate the video so you can focus on what you want to say.
  • Make sure there’s enough light on you — avoid sitting in front of a bright window.
  • Choose a quiet space to minimize background noise.
  • Stay close to the recording device for optimal audio. 
  • Test your recording setup.
  • If it's easier to record your How To segment separately, you can make two videos and either combine them using QuickTime, or simply submit them both. Just make sure the two videos are not more than 5 minutes total.
  • Camera shy? Be creative! You don’t have to appear in the video if you don’t want to.

Submitting Your Video on YouTube

  • Create a YouTube account
  • Follow these YouTube instructions to upload your video.
  • Don’t want others to see it? Make it private and include the URL in your application; only people with the URL can see it (and you can delete it after a few weeks).

Submitting Your Video with File Sharing

  • Using your favorite file-sharing application such as Dropbox or Box (10 Gb free for signing up), upload the video file.
  • Right-click (control-click) the file and choose Share File.
  • Copy the shared URL and include it in the appropriate field in your application.