A series of 2 to 3 day programs where teachers learn to strategically leverage programmatic thinking and fundamental coding concepts in their specific subject areas. The series is aimed to demystify computer programming for teachers of varying of disciplines. By the end of the workshop, teachers understand the fundamentals of computer science and can incorporate the behaviors and mindsets of coding into their content.

Coding Across the English Curriculum

Coding Across the Math Curriculum

Coding Across the Science Curriculum

Coders won’t be hired to support journalism, storytelling, art, or science; they will be journalists, storytellers, artists, and scientists.

~ Cindy Royal, Professor at Texas State University

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As a Teacher

Become 21st Century Teacher and Lifelong Learner

As a lifelong learner, you know the importance of new experiences and learning opportunities. Be a cutting edge educator by learning how digital devices function. Join us as we explore under the hood and tinker with the technology of these devices. Bonus: at the end of the day, you’ll have tinkered with a working iOS app that you can take home and put on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

New Pedagogies

In addition to learning how programmatic thinking and coding can naturally manifest in your discipline, our programs also provide strategies and tools to implement cognitive apprenticeship and constructivist methodologies in your classes. Learn to facilitate structured learning environments and develop learner-centric structures, prompting higher level problem-solving and resourcefulness.

Empowerment and Engagement

Knowledge is power. Learn to conquer the devices that are everywhere and leverage them to improve their digital citizenship and provide differentiated instructional.

Connect with innovative educators and explore the tech scene. Help break down the barriers between industry and classrooms, meeting like-minded people along the way.

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As an Administrator

Create a Common Language and Cohort Amongst Your Staff

Help your staff to commune across disciplines by giving them a fundamental language in which to discuss coding. Our program demystifies coding for your faculty, empowering them to work together and innovate in ways that are meaningful to their students.

21st Century Instructional Methodologies

As early as 2009*, the field of education has called for teachers to shift from fountains of knowledge to master facilitators of learning. Yet making that shift is difficult. Our program not only provides coding fundamentals - allowing your teachers to integrate programming skills across all the disciplines - but it also trains your staff on specific pedagogy to support this shift to master facilitator. Cognitive apprenticeship and constructivist methodologies are employed, modeled, and explained during the trainings, so your staff will leave with specific tools and supports to modify their classrooms toward learner-centric workplaces.

*Clapper, T. C. (2009). Moving away from teaching and becoming a facilitator of learning. PAILAL, 2(2).