Last week, we announced the conclusion of our Winter Immersive program, and the successes that came out of it. If you missed it, you can read about that here.

Keeping our word, we wanted to follow up and share what the teams worked on towards the end of the program, and what they submitted to the App Store.

Groups were given a task, consisting of map views, location services, integrating web APIs (like Yelp and Flikr), visual venue/location browsing, persisting favorites using core data, collaborating on the development of an existing code base, and much more.

This is what the teams came up with:

- Wi-Where

  • Wi-Where lets a user discover new places to connect to free WiFi through a visual browsing experience. By displaying interesting pictures taken around businesses providing complimentary WiFi access, it offers a fresh insight as to the environment around these new destinations.

- WhereToNext

  • WhereToNext is an app which searches based on your location for anything you decide on. It uniquely displays the data and allows a user to quickly differentiate between places based on a set of photos.
  • Once a user finds a place they think they might like, they can find out more information about it in a detailed page that also gives the ability to bookmark for later, call, tweet and get directions to the place.
  • WhereToNext is currently available in the App Store.

- Clean Seat

  • Riding your chevy and feeling something heavy? Well have no fear, CLEAN SEAT is here! Clean Seat is a state of the art social app, helping you find the nearest public facility.
  • Currently, it has the ability to use GPS and show you nearby public places that have a bathroom and pictures of the facility itself. In the coming weeks, we hope to be able to have information showing you more information on the business and whether you need to be a customer to use the facility, etc.
  • Our goal is to bring the social sphere on bathrooms to the front of the line, never leaving you confused or feeling awkward on where you can find a bathroom for your comfort.
  • Clean Seat is currently available in the App Store!