The movie trailer about Steve Jobs hit the small screen today. Already bloggers are questioning the film’s accuracy — they all agree it was Steve’s vision to bring computers to the masses, that much is certain; the only question is which Steve: Jobs… or Wozniak?


It’s open knowledge that Steve Jobs was not the technical wizard behind Apple’s many successful product innovations. He was the consummate salesman, drawing on his humble beginning selling spare parts.

Steve Wozniak was the genius who built the Apple I and Apple II. Jobs just put them in homes. “Just.”

Apple’s iTunes is one example of Jobs’ uncanny ability to identify a market that nobody knew they needed, and to convince everyone that they couldn’t live without it.

iTunes had another effect that perhaps even Jobs hadn’t foreseen: When it became the distribution center for apps for mobile devices (again, Jobs and Woz!), iTunes blurred the line between inventor and marketer.

iTunes made it possible for someone with a great app idea to take it to market without needing to solve the distribution problem. They just had to figure out how to make the damn thing.

Mobile Makers Academy came into being not because people wanted to make apps, but because so many people wanted to make apps but didn’t know how to do it. Our founders run mobile app development companies, and they couldn’t find enough talent to build the apps their clients want. So we started an education company dedicated to that purpose.

We’d like to think all our Makers are Wozniaks, but really they’re a hybrid of the two Steves. They’re smart people who have a passion for building apps, and they have the tools to get their apps to market. With that combination, they can be masters of their own app-building empire.

So how about you? Are you the behind the scenes tech geek or the marketer who will make millions selling someone else’s brilliant invention? Or are you the next Steve Jobzniak?