Most coding bootcamps make it easy to find things like completion rates, cost, and other such things. So how do you choose among them?  Here are a few subtle things to look for when choosing a bootcamp.

What Do you want to do upon graduation?

Most bootcamps out there teach software development. But what are their key differences? To help answer this, ask yourself: what do you want to do upon graduation? Do you want to build website apps? Do you want to build mobile apps? This will help you narrow down the language you want to be working in.

How will they know when you are struggling? And what will they do when you are?

Bugs and roadblocks are part of the process, and it’s important that your bootcamp has a plan for these instances and uses them as learning opportunities. Investigate how a bootcamp assesses your skill level, and ask what their intervention plans are. You want to know how they’re going to support if you get stuck. At Mobile Makers, we not only give you the ability to self-evaluate through our daily code challenges, we also have timed code challenges on Fridays for the first four weeks. Each challenge is mapped back to the learning outcomes of the week – so we  (and you) can see how you’re doing on each and every skill. If you’re struggling, we’ll work with you to craft a SupportKit: a plan of attack for both you and our team to get your learning back on track based on where you’re struggling and how you’re struggling. Bonus, these code challenges will mimic what you find in code challenges during interviews, so you won’t sweat it when an interviewer hands you a user story or two. During the last four weeks, we have project-based assessments that are a bit bigger in scope and focus on teamwork. We monitor your progress through here too, so you’ll have our support.

What do their alumni say?

Reach out to alumni and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Alumni can give you insight into the things that matter to you. Ask them how much sleep they really got, what helped them most through the bootcamp, etc. Almost all bootcamps have alumni groups who are open to talking about their experience. Mobile Makers has an active alumni group, so reach out and we’ll connect you.

Extra Credit

See it in person. Reach out to schedule a tour and chat. At Mobile Makers, we’re happy to even do a virtual tour through FaceTime, Periscope, or Skype. Reach out; we’d love to see you.

See you in class!