In almost every cohort at Mobile Makers, there is at least one student punctuating their college experience with eight weeks at our bootcamp.   Cameron Flowers was one such student.  Cameron, an exceptionally bright, ambitious, and contemplative college junior took a break from his demanding schedule at Tufts to put himself in our hands.


Mr. Flowers is majoring in Sociolinguistics and Ethnomusicology of the African Diaspora with a minor in Computer Science (see: ambitious).  Cameron sought to give his Computer Science minor a boost by attending Mobile Makers.  He sees the potential of mobile platforms and wanted an edge coming out of college.


To say Mr. Flowers makes a deep first impression is a gross understatement.  His genuine, easy going, straight talking nature enables him to melt into a group and make an immediate positive impact.  His simultaneous strength of presence and general approachability makes him a natural leader.  Cameron brought his Computer Science and programming knowledge expertise to student conversations.  He leveraged his knowledge to excel his learning and dig deep on topics.


Those familiar with the Mobile Makers intensive bootcamp will remember that we kick off the last 2 and a half weeks with a hackathon style pitch day.  Everyone at Mobile Makers, from the admissions team to the students, is encouraged to pitch an app idea. Once all apps are pitched, teams form organically around ideas and students begin work immediately.  Cameron was an inexhaustible source of product ideas as he pitched about a dozen.


Cameron chose to join a team instead of building out his own ideas.  Awkward Penguin is an iOS app that uses multi-peer connectivity over bluetooth and wifi to allow proximate participants to discover one another for social conversation.  The app uses Apple’s MultiPeerConnectivity framework to facilitate peer-to-peer communications between users.  It also features a game designed to bring people together.  Using SpriteKit, Cameron and team built the mini-game to delight and further enhance their learning experience.

Cameron is finishing up his studies at Tufts, and continues to impress the hell out of us.  He was recently at the Mobile Makers Chicago campus where we encouraged him to say a few words to the current cohort as they finished up their first week.  Cameron did not disappoint.  With characteristic enthusiasm he told the students everything we had been telling them since they arrived. Watch the video below to see him in action.  Not only does Mr. Flowers listen and apply, he absorbs and embodies those things that resonate.  Keep an eye on Cameron Flowers, this guy is going to do great things.