Mobile Makers prides itself on our outstanding staff and instructors. We encourage and expect our instructional staff to be developing alongside our students, on their own projects, whether they be code golf exercises or working client contracts. They continue to amaze us with their outstanding work. 

Michael Meinberg, one of our instructors in San Francisco, recently released an iOS app that's saving lives of children. With the unfortunately reoccurring school shootings, our very own Michael, asked himself what can I do to help? He developed an app that allows staff at a school to alert teachers and administrators of a school emergency, like a possible shooter on campus, which means teachers can go into lockdown immediately. Michael's app, Mobile Alert has taken what often takes several minutes down to mere seconds. In crisis situations, seconds saves lives.

We are thrilled, proud, and humbled by Michael's commitment to outstanding development and superb application of his skills. Well done, sir. 

For more information on his app in action, you can check it out here: 

ABC Video

KPAX 8 Video