From day one and our first students, Mobile Makers Academy has been obsessed with teaching mobile development in new, innovative ways. This market moves at an incredible pace, and we want to prepare a new generation of developers to stay ahead of it. That’s why I am thrilled to announce that Mobile Makers Academy has joined forces with Hack Reactor Core.

Why Hack Reactor Core

Like Mobile Makers, Hack Reactor Core’s network of schools, which includes Hack Reactor, MakerSquare and Telegraph Academy, focuses on student outcomes and ensuring its curriculum aligns with the market. We both want to change the space of higher education and adult training, and we both actively build new pathways and springboards for aspiring developers.

TL;DR: we’re a perfect fit for each other. Mobile Makers has a fantastic product, vision, and drive. Hack Reactor Core shares our vision and has the expertise to help us build it.

What Changes

Mobile Makers now has broader career support resources for students and alumni. We can provide a better student experience by sharing educational knowledge and admissions resources. Basically: not much changes, it just gets bigger and better.

Oh, and we have a new CEO.

New leadership

This partnership with Hack Reactor is a huge step for Mobile Makers. In order to take this step, I am delighted to say I have accepted the role as CEO.

In my previous position as Director of Education, I helped build everything from Mobile Makers’ curriculum foundation to our high school strategy. I have a deep desire to move education forward and the drive to craft Mobile Makers into a guiding force.

With Hack Reactor’s newly minted Core team, we gain access to resources that will help us grow Mobile Makers. That means we get to focus on building the future of mobile developer training, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do it with.

I cannot thank Hack Reactor Core enough for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ll make next.

Jessi Chartier
CEO, Mobile Makers Academy