the adaptive tech team from Second Sense

the adaptive tech team from Second Sense

What do you get when you gather a bunch of local Chicago mobile developers in a room and ask them to build apps and tools for a non-profit and a good cause? We don't know yet, but we're going to find out this weekend!

We just kicked off Helping Hack Chicago, our first-ever, weekend-long, public hackathon, and I'm thrilled to finally unveil that the non-profit we're building for is Second Sense. Second Sense helps people with vision loss by providing training in a supportive environment, teaching new skills, building confidence, and helping them realize their value in our community.

Over the course of the weekend, all mobile developers in the Chicago area are welcome to gather at Mobile Makers and team up to build apps to help the blind and visually impaired. We're at 223 W. Erie St, suite 4NW.

Our excellent sponsors are providing food and beverages for the entire weekend, everyone from any skill level is welcome to contribute whatever they can, and you can stop by any time!

On Sunday at 2pm, a panel of judges will decide the best apps and award a series of prizes, including:

  • A four-hour workshop at legendary Chicago dev shop and hackathon sponsor 8-Bit
  • Scholarships to Windy City Labs' "Intro to Arduino" course
  • A one-hour Swift consultation with hackathon sponsor and esteemed developer Max Howell
  • A set of must-have books for any techie from CoderEXP

Our hackathon is shaping up to be a great time, and we can't wait to see what the Chicago community can build for a great cause!