A little while ago, our friends at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago approached us with a great idea and invitation: a meetup and panel discussion between women leaders of local bootcamps and accelerators. Last night our Director of Education, Jessi Chartier, participated on the panel, and the whole event was just fantastic.

On the panel were Carlin Thomas, Program Manager at The Startup Institute Chicago, Tasha Levy, Training Program Director at i.c.stars, and our own Jessi Chartier (far left in the photo), alongside Dev Bootcamp’s Senior Instructor, Alyssa Diaz, and moderator Jill Felska, Global Director of Career Services.

Over an hour-long discussion, these leaders covered everything from what makes their coding schools unique to some of the big questions you should ask yourself when approaching any bootcamp and assessing your goals. They even dove into the actual skills that will get you through the doors of prospective employers—hint: it isn’t just about whether you can code.

There was ample time afterwards for Q&A and chatting before closing up for the night, and the whole evening went great. Mobile Makers Academy, and of course Jessi herself, thanks Dev Bootcamp for the opportunity and all attendees for coming. Things went so well, the participating bootcamps even tossed around a few ideas on keeping these events going, expanding their scope and community participation, and some potential future topics. No promises yet, but… let’s just say it’s a good bet we’ll be inviting you to more events like this soon.