Rachel Schneebaum came to Mobile Makers from deep within the catacombs of academia.  Rachel spent a significant amount of time and energy re-orienting her thinking from a student of Philosophy to one of writing professional.  Enjoying a measure of freelance success, Rachel made a decisive move to learn more about coding.

Ms Schneebaum entered the cohort, like many of our students, with the sole intention of becoming a developer.  From day one, it was clear that Rachel knew her stuff.  Having a firm grasp of the pre-course material, She came ready to work, and work she did.  Coming into Mobile Makers with basic self-taught HTML/CSS skills, by the end of the first week, Rachel was getting creative with the Xcode Storyboard and writing Objective-C like a junior apprentice.  She worked hard and continued to challenge herself, completing stretch goals and pushing herself beyond the presented material.  Rachel paired with every student without hesitation, often times raising the bar for the duo, delivering her best work, time and time again.  What impressed me most about Rachel is her tenacity and grit.  She would plough through discouragement with effort.  She struggled, as most students do, but throughout the struggle, she kept her head, took and incorporated our feedback, and always came out a little stronger.

At Mobile Makers, at the end of week 5, we have Pitch Day.  Everyone is encouraged to pitch an idea and those ideas that survive with fully formed teams, participate in a 3 week long hackathon. It’s a lot of fun, very stressful, and full of some intense learning.  Of course, Rachel pitched.  Her idea was simple: share your artful experiences.  Ms Schneebaum was joined by one other student and they were off.  Leading like a pro, she managed all aspects of the project from feature set definition to implementation. When things got complicated or scope creep threatened the project, Rachel was not shy about trimming down to an MVP and remaining focused on her goal.  On the final day of the cohort, Rachel pushed PlaceInTimeApp to the Apple App Store.  

Check out the app here!


So, where is Ms Schneebaum now?  Well, I’m happy to report that she’s across the alley from me.  Rachel moved to Chicago from Arizona. She accepted an iOS developer position at Earlybird Software, a small dev shop in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.  We ran into her on the sidewalk and forced her to have lunch with us during her second week on the job.  Rachel looked confident, happy, and accomplished.  Rachel is one of hundreds of our graduates who are now out in the world and making a difference.