I don’t make New Years’ resolutions. When I want to change something in my life, I do it. I don’t usually wait for anything to punctuate the decision.  Within the past few years, however, I have been making soft yearly goals.  In 2015 one of my goals was to do some form of public speaking at least once a month.  This helped me to succeed in focusing my priorities. I receive a lot of requests of my time and this exercise allowed me to put incoming opportunities into perspective and prioritize my my time.


This year, 2016, I have decided to formalize my goals.  I’m putting together a more solid and comprehensive list of goals for myself.  These goals will be personal and professional and they will not include anything I have a good handle on (like my reading habits), or something I planned on doing anyway (like getting that kid into college).  I’m also dragging some of my business partners along with me. We’re all going to sit down and share our 2016 goals as a way of legitimizing and committing.

It occurs to me that there are others like me out there; other people who don’t make resolutions; who change their life when they want to; but who also might be making goals for the new year.  So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would tell you one of the things that will be different in 2016, for me and for a lot of other mobile developers around the world: Swift.  Yes, that language that Apple announced in 2014 that rocked our worlds.  

“2016 is going to see Swift take a more dominant role as the language matures, software development paradigms shift, and companies start leading projects in Swift.”  — Don Bora


In keeping with the trends in iOS development, we at Mobile Makers are giving our curriculum a major overhaul for 2016 and Swift is a major player on that stage. This past year, we introduced Swift toward the end of the iOS fundamentals portion of our eight week instructional program, revisiting previous projects in Swift as way of comparing and contrasting the elements of Swift v. Objective-C.  We will be taking a huge plunge with our January cohort introducing Swift earlier in the program and using Swift to cover new content.  Concepts previously covered in Objective-C will now be covered exclusively in Swift.  The thing we discovered while examining our Swift introduction strategy is that we can dive into the new language while highlighting how the underlyingiOS architecture does not change.

We’re very excited by this and we’ve spent months re-writing significant portions of the curriculum, speeding up certain aspects of it and introducing Swift in a more robust manner commensurate with the industry.  These changes will also allow Mobile Makers to scale our Swift content as the industry moves toward Objective-C taking a back seat, which I see happening within the next two years.

So, that goal you have where you want to learn how to code, what are you waiting for?  If you want to make a change in your life; if you want to develop products that can shape the world; if you want to create… make it a goal. We’ve been training future software developers for over three years and have graduated over 300 students. If you want to write code and be part of this amazing profession, don’t wait. We can help. Apply now!