As many of you heard, we recently partnered with Hack Reactor Core to join its network of schools and step up our game. Hack Reactor Core’s vision—to provide access to an industry via an alternative to college—aligns with our goal to ensure we give our students the best education and outstanding support. 

Even though it's only been two months since our partnership, I am thrilled to announce a few new features for both future students and alumni:

  • Expanded job placement support: a structured support coach to help navigate the process, and a dedicated job board
  • Community management to keep us active and involved in the local communities
  • Improved admissions process: more streamlined to help get you prepared faster

These new and expanded services allow us to provide even better opportunities for our students. To that end, our January 2016 bootcamp will be our last at our current prices. To support these new services, our tuition prices will increase starting with our March 2016 bootcamp:

  • Chicago: $10,995
  • San Francisco: $12,995

The tuition prices currently listed on our site will remain in place for our January 2016 cohort. If you’re looking for a deal or you've been on the fence about starting your career in iOS development, enroll now for the January cohort before prices go up. We’ll even give you access to the same new services I mentioned above!

As always, get in touch with me or anyone on our team with questions!

See you in class. ~ Jessi