We are so proud to have our iOS program at Barrington High school because it helps support groups like the Gir1 C0de Club. After they toured some local development shops, we had the pleasure of hosting them a few weeks ago. You can see their leaders in this clip from CBS News, and check out our gallery below.

On November 3, Mobile Makers Academy in Chicago welcomed 57 female students from Barrington High School and Deerfield High School, who came to tour the iOS teams at Vokal Interactive, Eight Bit Studios, and Trunk Club.

After meeting iOS developers in the wild of their offices, students convened at Mobile Makers Academy to hear several female leaders speak on challenges they’ve overcome in the field. Gir1 C0de founder Kaitlyn Lee started the series, talking about how she discovered CS to be her passion. Kris Bredemeier, a career changer into the field of iOS, spoke about 'seeing is believing' and about visualizing your future. Kristen Lewis, an APCS teacher, shared her journey and encouraged the crowd to combat the 'imposter syndrome’.

To wrap things up, Mobile Makers CEO Jessi Chartier rallied the girls to reach for their own inner leaders. After giving them insight on topics such as how to trust your gut, how to get over the things that don’t really matter, and how failure is a wonderful friend, she sent the girls off with the inspiration to kick off their own dreams.

We were thrilled to have this opportunity and look forward to seeing how these young women grow up to be the inspiration to the next generation.