Why the Time is Right for Teaching iOS in the Bay Area

Since our first days in 2012, San Francisco has been sending us postcards saying, Wish You Were Here. So why didn’t we make travel plans sooner?

Most of the successful programming bootcamps started out in San Francisco, the tech hub where demand for training is very high. Mobile Makers Academy is the exception: Our iOS Bootcamp was the inspiration of professional developers who had their own dev shops in Chicago and wanted to help people start their careers in mobile app development.


With their own thriving businesses to tend to, they couldn’t just pull up stakes. Nor did they need to. Chicago’s tech scene is booming, and people started coming from around the world—including San Francisco—to learn how to develop apps in just eight weeks. In its first two years, Mobile Makers has provided iOS training to nearly 200 students. 

So how did Mobile Makers succeed while going against conventional wisdom? Three key reasons:

  1. Mobile Makers was built by professional programmers who needed to hire app developers for our own businesses; we didn’t just see a business opportunity to capitalize on. We’re committed to our profession and the tech community, and we get a thrill from seeing beginners find their passion for coding. 
  2. While some bootcamps ask their instructors to come up with their own syllabus, the Mobile Makers curriculum was designed by developers in conjunction with on-staff instructional experts. When new instructors come on board, we have a program for training them how to teach coding effectively. And just as code is continually evolving, we are always refining our curriculum to make it the best experience possible, with the latest code available. 
  3. We like to do things right, or not at all. Sure, we could have opened a program in the Bay Area during our early days, while we were still figuring it out in the Windy City. But we wanted to be sure we knew why we had it right. Only when we understood that; when we were confident we could replicate the experience in other markets, did we decide to move forward.


Tuition payment plan for our iOS Bootcamps in San Francisco or Chicago. Diversity scholarships are available, too. Contact us for details. 

Questions about how to start or enhance your career in mobile app development? Reach out at hello@mobilemakers.co. We're really nice!