It was like watching the Sochi biathlon: a grueling long-distance sprint, then a seemingly casual walk across the finish line. That was how our Makers completed their 8-week iOS Bootcamp race, going all out for 53 days straight as they learned to code and build mobile apps, then an almost relaxed last day as each team submitted their new projects to the App Store with time to spare.

The difference, of course, is all our competitors got to share the podium. Everyone was a winner.

Chicago Rocks

Chicago Rocks

The closing ceremonies were spectacular, with a record turnout of more than 100 guests for our Meet the Makers open house (see photos) despite single digit temperatures outside. Future employers, future students, mentors, and many friends and family shared in the graduation celebration, visiting each team’s table for a hands-on demonstration of the apps our students built during the last three weeks.

Here’s a look at their gold: the six apps that will be proudly displayed in their portfolio showcases as a testament to their hard work. (Links will be added as these as they go live in the App Store. See an image of each app here.)

Chicago Rocks, a digital guide to the 150 stones embedded in the Tribune Tower. Team: Stephen Compton, Josef Hilbert and Poulose Matthen

Objective Seafood, a fun, physics-based game that combines the Tower Defense and Angry Bird physics genres. Team: Andrew Webb, Gulé Sheikh and Fletcher Rhoads. 

Objective Seafood

Objective Seafood

Borrow Hero, a user-friendly borrowing manager that allows the user to track items they have loaned or borrowed, and which updates the user and their friends about the status of those items. Team: Jared Friedman, John Malloy and Tony Severino

MobileMath, an arithmetic app for children that allows them to practice simple math problems and earn virtual stickers that can be traded with their friends. Team: Matthew Voracek, Sonam Mehta and Kagan Riedel

SocialRank, a social ranking app that lets you reward your friends for the positive things they've done (read more about this team). Team: Matthew Graham, Sid Reddy and Bradford Shultz

Pable, a point-of-sale iPad app for restaurants, geared toward simplifying the order-taking process for servers (read more about this team). By Yash Varma, Marc Galang and Nick Petersen



These apps were uploaded to the App Store on graduation day, Feb. 27, 2014. Like us on Facebook for posts each time an app goes live! Update: Objective Seafood, MobileMath, Pable and SocialRank are live in the App Store (links above).


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