Apple recently released the SDK for their new Apple Watch. Because we here at Mobile Makers are obsessed with everything mobile, we decided to throw together a workshop and Hackathon (Workhackathon? Workshackathon?) in Chicago. We got a bunch of developers together and spent our weekend coding. What else would someone do with their weekend besides code, anyway? 

Max Howell (@mxcl), coaching participants.

Max Howell (@mxcl), coaching participants.

First Vik and Rich, two of our amazing Learning Assistants at Mobile Makers, spent the first three hours teaching everyone what they know about WatchKit. Which happens to be a ton. We tried recording the event, but for some reason the video quality was super poor, however if you want to see (sorta) what you missed, the video is below. 

After that, all of the Hackathon participants starting brainstorming ideas and coding their own Apple Watch apps. It was an extreme battle of wit and grit and lots of coffee and pizza. The two day event culminated with each team demoing their WatchKit app to a panel of expert iOS judges: Jacob Van Order (@jacobvo, iOS Developer at Vokal Interactive), Max Howell (@mxcl, creator of Homebrew), Sean Wolter (@seanwolter, iOS Director at Vokal Interactive), and Don Bora (@dbora, Owner of Eightbit Studios and Founder at Mobile Makers).

The final awards and WatchKit apps were:

The Mobile Makers Choice Award & Humanitarian Award: Albert Saucedo, Jr.  Albert created Study Monster, an app that helps students track the most effective study intervals from the Apple Watch. The app considers various characteristics of a user (i.e. age and learning disabilities) to determine which study intervals will work best for them.

The Innovator: Manny Masangcay — Manny's app, Munchies, helps users track the nearest restaurants straight from their wrist. It allows users to filter their choices based on food preference, and assists in directions to each location.

Best UI/UX: Ben Bueltmann — Ben implemented subtle yet impressive animations to bring coin flipping to the wrist. A user can also activate "evil mode" in which they can rig the result of the coin toss to win every time.

The People's Choice: Albert Saucedo, Jr. and Manny Masangcay — Voted on by participants as the crowd favorite.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, and are excited to see what else they build for the Apple Watch looking forward!