Barely two days in, and we’re already impressed with the caliber of these Makers. Here’s a quick intro to the January 2014 cohort.

Some showed up with serious tech chops: Diane has a BS in Management Information Systems and does front-end web development; John built his own computer with six monitors for his side job as a day trader; Bradford is pursuing an MS in software engineering. And you could run through the alphabet—twice—listing all the SQLs, .NETs and XMLs that Josef, Bradford, Gulé and Yash bring to the game.

By the first afternoon, Makers are building an app together.

By the first afternoon, Makers are building an app together.

These Makers will start out strong and help the English majors among the crowd get up to speed quickly. Yep, we have English majors—poli sci, neuroscience, biology, business admin, advertising (Advertising is a major? Who knew?) and two econ grads, too. Sonam sports a masters of public health, but we’ll save that story for another day. All of them will be coding like pros in a few weeks.

Nick, a graphic designer and former furniture builder from Austin, embodies the Maker spirit, having sourced his furniture material from used plywood. Kagan and Fletcher have Apple Store pedigrees, so we can all admire their shiny gear and try not to ask them to help with hardware problems.

About half the class are Chicagoans who are loaning hats and scarves to our students from L.A. and Texas. Poulose, who flew in from Bangalore, India, to learn iOS development, seems remarkably well acclimated to Chicago winters already. I haven’t had the heart to show Josef, fresh off the plane from Vienna, Austria, what the Midwest calls a ski mountain. Fortunately, he’ll be home with plenty of ski time still ahead.

This is about as eclectic a group of students as you could ask for. But one thing they all have in common: every one of them plans to start their career as an iOS developer. By the afternoon of their first day, they were already pair-programming—coding in teams of two or three—and by the end of the day, they had all completed an app. The passion and energy is palpable here, and I’m excited to see the apps they’ll be showcasing eight weeks from now.

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