Summer 2014 Makers develop and launch seven apps in capstone projects

For nearly two years, Robert Figueras dabbled in app development, watching online tutorials, reading how-to articles, and grabbing any information he could as he worked to construct his own app.

“I’d piece things together, but I wasn’t able to truly judge how something was working,” Robert says.

That all changed when he enrolled in the Mobile Makers Academy (Read his blog) in May 2014, where, alongside more than 20 eager peers, Robert gained the coding foundation he needed as well as deep knowledge of design patterns and app architecture. He also saw how much he could improve his prior app projects.



In mid-July, Robert's Mobile Makers experience culminated with the launch of imPrompTo, a collaborative three-week capstone project Figueras completed alongside fellow Maker Dennis Dixon. An alternative to individual text messages and lengthy text message chains, the social networking app offers a streamlined process for users to invite friends to spontaneous gatherings, such as lunch, a movie, or a pick-up basketball game.

“It’s a great feeling to publish an app that not only has market promise, but one I truly believe is built in a solid way,” Robert says. “That’s a new feeling for me and something I owe to my Mobile Makers’ experience.”

imPrompTo was one of seven apps developed by Mobile Makers’ May–July 2014 cohort. Others include:



The Makers: Sapan Bhuta, Ryan Tiltz with contributions from Philippe Castillo

In the wake of World Cup enthusiasm, RoboSoccer’s gaming app brings together soccer and robots, putting a high-tech, 21st Century spin on Foosball.

My Face — Match My Face

My Face — Match My Face

My Face - Match my Face
The Makers: Brian Mathien, Tom Bredemeier, Ben Hallock

Uniquely targeted at helping toddlers recognize family and friends, My Face takes photos of three individuals, chops them up into three sections – eyes, nose, and mouth – and allows users to interchange the three defining features for learning and fun for everyone.

Kudos - Local Recommendations
The Makers: Thomas Orten, Dan Rudolf

Kudos leverages the insights of locals to propel exploration of new areas. Users can both discover and recommend local hangouts and attractions, giving kudos to the experiences that particularly impress.

The Makers: Vik Denic, Blake Mitchell, Aaron Eckhart

The With app combines social networking with collaborative events, allowing users to conveniently create events, invite friends, and, subsequently, share the experience through conversation and photos.

The Makers: Rich Fellure, Dave Warner, Naomi Himley

The social networking PubChat app allows users in participating watering holes to meet fellow patrons. Users can review profiles of others and choose the visitors they’d like to meet.



The Makers: Blake Mitchell, Vik Denic

When one app wasn’t enough, Mitchell and Denic embarked on another app-developing journey that resulted in SeeNote, a visual note-taking app that allows users to take a photo and write a description identifying key details of the photo’s location.


* Links to apps that haven’t yet gone live in the App Store, pending updates, will be added when available. The app names are subject to change until they've gone live.

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